Monday, August 13, 2012

Busy TEDDY Night with our little pirate!

Tonight was Halloween, a fun exciting time that usually ends with too much sugar and tempers running high all around. It also happened to be the 3rd day of our TEDDY 3 day diet record and a stool sample was a little over due. Wow, the whole weekend was full of candy with my husband and me trying to remember exactly what he ate. Earlier in the afternoon on Halloween I had reminded my son we needed a TEDDY sample as the day before he’d gone when we were out. If he pooped in the bucket he’d get a sticker and a Dum Dum pop he really wanted. After trick-or-treating was over for an hour and I was just getting the diet typed up he comes to me, “Mommy, I need TEDDY ‘ample” he was so excited and was reminding me he needed to poop in the bucket so he could get his sticker and blue Dum Dum (as if he hadn’t had enough candy already but a promise is a promise).

While I’m collecting the sample he runs back to our kitchen and as my husband was distracted by Monday Night Football my son starts pushing buttons on my computer. I hadn’t saved the diet record and he somehow created an error that shut my computer down

Tempers were definitely high then as we all know how much work it is to get that diet record complete. I had only written down part of what he’d eaten, all the recipe details were typed in that evening. I was hoping and praying as I restarted my computer and then so relieved that Word was able to recover the document with all that work. Now the diet is complete, the stool sample was collected and scheduled for pick up from our front door the next morning and my little pirate is in bed.

Whoops I forgot about that last Dum Dum as a reward for pooping in the TEDDY hat, better type that in and click save…