About Me-C’sTEDDYMommy

My son was born in the fall of 2008, about 9 years after I started working for type 1 diabetes research studies. I definitely wanted my son to be screened for TEDDY but I never dreamed he would have the higher risk genes that make him eligible for the follow-up study, especially since there is no family history of any type of diabetes. My husband and I were torn on whether or not to enroll him into follow-up but ultimately we did so we would know ahead of time if diabetes was starting to develop, and so we could contribute to the research. It’s really different being on the other side of the research study and it’s given me a new perspective on all aspects of TEDDY.

I agreed to be a part-time contributor to this blog to give an additional point of view about what it’s like to participate in TEDDY, the ups and the downs! I hope the readers will enjoy reading, and maybe even relate to, our TEDDY experiences.