Thursday, September 10, 2015

Science Day

TEDDY Science Day was a blast for my son and daughter this spring. They both loved participating in the experiments. The bouncy ball station was a big hit followed by the candy blood components station. Our bouncy ball actually lasted a few days even though it flattened out and had to be reshaped several times. My favorite was the strawberry DNA followed by the lava lamps.

In addition to the experiments my son enjoyed helping me at the Science Day. I brought him early to help setup. He was eager to assist and watch all the TEDDY staff getting ready. He also volunteered to stay late with me as opposed to leaving with his sister and dad so he could help with the cleanup. Since he was about 4 he has been very interested in what I do at the TEDDY events even if it was just putting food out. It was so enjoyable to be able to go through the experiments with my son and daughter and watch the other TEDDY children have a good time.

A lot of planning went into the TEDDY Science Day and it was fun to see all the TEDDY staff get so involved. Almost everyone was on an experiment team. Teams were first assigned an experiment but then had to figure out all the materials that would be needed, cost for the budget, write instructions, and create posters. The creativity was awesome! Some of the posters will be displayed in the clinic rooms and hallway starting this fall. We hope this will be an event we will run once a year as TEDDY is always trying new ways to keep you and your child engaged in our study. If you attended we hope you had a great time, if you could not attend we hope to see you next year!