Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I worry about my son's TEDDY results

Since finding out my son’s increased risk for developing diabetes, there has always been the thought and worry that he may one day get the disease. Even now we are waiting on his most resent antibody results. I always hold my breath as I’m finding out his results. Will they still be negative?
I've thought maybe my increased anxiety stems from working in this field, surrounded every day by type 1 diabetes research and knowing that some children his age have antibodies or even diabetes. But knowing me, I’d still have some anxiety even if I didn't work for TEDDY. Are other families like me? Do they wait for that letter in the mail hoping that everything is still negative?
Plenty of adults have the high risk genes and never develop diabetes. I’m one of them, I found out years ago through participation as a control in an adult type 1 research study. I was very surprised that I have those genes and now I look at my childhood a little differently. I think how different my life could have been and how lucky I am that I didn't develop diabetes.  One day I hope a research study will be able to tell everyone what triggers type 1 and what people should avoid or do to prevent getting diabetes. This information may not be able to help our sons and daughters, but I’m holding out hope for their children.