Thursday, August 15, 2013

TEDDY Fun with the Big Bad Wolf

At our TEDDY site we were lucky that there was a planned event where families could get together for a free evening of fun and meet other TEDDY families. The tradition for 4 years was a light dinner and free evening at the Children’s Museum. I attended all 4 years and my son has attended 3 years, the 1st party was before my son was born. The last Children’s Museum event was one of my favorites as my son was at a great age to really play. Halfway through the evening we found a wolf costume and he was so excited to be the Big Bad Wolf a character he had learned about on Sesame Street and reading books. He ran around the room and climbed up the tree roots yelling to other kids “I’m the Bad Wolf.” I think he was roaring at kids too, I hope he didn’t scare any young ones! He had so much fun and asked for days, “Go to TEDDY Party again mommy?”

We look forward to this year’s TEDDY event at the Butterfly Pavilion!